sola hevi duty faq

Frequently Asked Questions For Sola Hevi-Duty Surge Protection Devices (SPD)

Sola Hevi-Duty 3/19/2018

• SPDs should be installed with the shortest lead length possible and as close as possible to the load it is protecting.

• SPDs protecting panels should be wired in parallel with the service entrance or distribution panels. A disconnecting means must be provided for servicing and for short circuit and over-current protection.

• When a circuit breaker cannot be installed, install a tap on the bus or lugs. Wire in a fused disconnect to provide the above mentioned protection for the SPD. This method of installation allows the  SPD to be replaced safely without shutting down the power.

• SPDs must be wired and grounded according to the (NEC) National Electrical Codes.

• Using whole facility protection would safeguard your electrical system against most transients. This means that the protection is staged; service entrance protection, sub-panel protection, and point-of-use protection.