CV-10HA Toshiba Vacuum Contactor (Non-Latched)

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CV-10HA Toshiba Vacuum Contactor, 400A, 12 to 15 KV, 100 to 240VAC/125 to 250VDC control voltage, 4NO-2NC aux contact rating arrangement, 23 to 104 F ambient temp, 300/Hour switching frequency.
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CV-10HA HA(L)/HB(L) 320 Amp, 12/15KV contactor is unique in the market and is going into many applications where only vacuum circuit breakers were used in the past. The CV-10H offers a product of lower cost, smaller size, and over 10 times the life over medium voltage breakers. The HB model has been specially designed for capacitor switching, while the HA is for motor and transformer switching. The CV-10 is available in non-latched or latched type version.